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She was impersonating Clarisse to get th Ares cabin to help out in manhatten , then when she was trying to fight the Draken it spit posin on her face and after she talked to the real Clarisse and told them she was the spy she died

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If Clarrise la Rue (daughter of ares) and Michael Yew (son of apollo) hadn't been fighting over a stupid chariot, Silena wouldn't have died. Everyone met in Manhatten for the big battle ecxept for the ares cabin. Percy Jackson sent Silena to go get the ares kids. When Clarrise (head counsler) refused, Silena stole her armour and let cabin five herself. Percy, Annabeth Chase (daughter of Athena, and Thalia Grace (daughter of Zeus, older sister to Jason Grace), and many others fought the drakon (dragon), with Percy transforming into a miniature hurricane (he is the son of Posiedon). While doing this, he sees who he thinks is Clarrise. She climbs the drakon, and Percy sees her eyes through the helmet and knows that something is wrong. Clarrise doesn't have pretty blue eyes, she has her dad's murderous looking eyes. Clarrise gets sprayed full on with acid and falls to the ground. After that happening, Percy sees the real Carrise storming down the road in the chariot that she and Michael Yew had been fighting over. Percy calls down the hurricane and tries to find out what is going on. Silena was the one who had been hit with the drakon acid. After electrocuting the drakon, Clarrise comes over. Silena receals that she was a spy working for Kronos, though she wanted to leave after Beckendorf's death. She did however, die a hero, and as far as we know she went to Elysium.

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She runs out to fight the drakon (ancient dragon) pretending to be Clarrise.

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Q: How does Silena Beauregard die in last olympian?
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