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you have to rip it apart

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2010-07-08 04:42:07
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Q: How do you kill the scorpion transformers rotf?
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On transformers rotf can you be the fallen?


Witch is better transformers the game or transformers rotf?

ROTF of course because you got new transformers and new cool weapons.

How do you complete transformers rotf autobots ds mission6 in japan?

Go to Youtube and type in, Transformers ROTF DS Autobots Mission 6

Can you get freeplay on transformers ROTF autobots?

You can't on ds.

When is transformers ROTF coming out on DVD?

october 30

In transformers rotf what is the name of the pink motorcycle?


How do you get transformers rotf cheats?

Is the robotic cat in Transformers 2 a Tiger or a Cheetah?

Neither. The character Ravage in Transformers: ROTF is a jaguar.

How come Transformers 2 ROTF wasn't as good as the first?

I think it was

How do you kill devastator in transformers rotf game?

I don't know how to kill it, im stuck at this part You are spozed to fire your gun into his mouth while jumping at him. use your speacil while in his mouth.

What made more money transformers revenge of the fallen or the dark night?

Transformers ROTF The Dark Knight made more money. Transformers ROTF made over 830 million but The Dark Knight made over one billion at the box office. If you do not believe me then check out "All Time Worldwide Box Office" The Dark Knight is fourth all time and Transformers ROTF is 20th.

In Transformers ROTF will Megatron become Galvatron?

He doesn't because he just got a tank form and he has to keep that for a while, maybe if there's a Transformers III he might become Galvatron. but he doesn't in ROTF (Revenge Of The Fallen).

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