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You will need to come across an wild Eevee in one of the kingdom battling areas in Pokémon Conquest however you can only find wild Eevee in five kingdoms and those kingdoms would include the Aurora Kingdom, Pugilis Kingdom, Valora Kingdom, Vipera Kingdom and the last kingdom that you can find wild Eevee in would be the Swarms Kingdom.

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You get a stone and make your eevee hold it and battle a kingdom with the same type pokemon you want to evolve your eevee into, beat then and whach the evolution begin!

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You get any stone and equip it on its warrior.

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Q: How do you evoleve evee on Pokemon conquest?
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What Pokemon evoleve with a thunder stone?

Pikachu and evee are two.

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By increasing the link between you and your Pokemon.

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no you can not catch evee in pokemon yellow but someone will give it to you

Does Togepi evoleve in Pokemon Gold?

yes. level it up with high friendship

Where do you get evee in Pokemon ruby?

Evee can be obtained only from firered and leafgreen and Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

How do you make Evee eggs in Pokemon Emerald?

Evee + Ditto in daycare

What evee evolutions can you get in Pokemon FireRed?

To get vaporion give evee a water get flerion give evee a fire stone. to get joltion give evee a thunther stone and that is all for Pokemon leaf fire and and water

Can you catch an evee in Pokemon Colosseum?

No but you start with two evee forms: Umbreon and Espeon.

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