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he got cut by cato's sword when he saved Katniss.

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2012-10-24 13:39:52
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Q: How did Peeta get hurt on his leg in the hunger games?
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Which leg does Peeta Mellark lose?

Peeta loses his left leg in The Hunger Games.

Does Peeta lose his leg in the hunger games?

In the book, yes. But in the film, no.

What was district 12 pack in the hunger games?

It was medicine for Peeta's leg

Does Peeta have a fake leg in the hunger games book 1?

Yes, peeta does have a fake leg. After Katniss ties the piece of cloth on his leg to stop the bleeding.

What injuries did Peeta get in chapter 25 from the hunger games?

He lost his leg and had to replace it.

What happens to katniss and peetta after they've announced them as winners of the hunger games?

they get taken in the plane like thingy, and Peeta get work done on him to fix,him up after the mutations and Cato hurt him and his leg. Peeta later gets a fake leg...

What injury does Peeta have in chapter 19 of the hunger games?

He has a bad leg cut by Cato.

Does Peeta Mellark loose his leg in the hunger games?

yes. he gets hurt, so katniss ties a tourniquet on it, so he loses his leg and gets a fake one. the tourniquet saved his life, though!!

Does Peeta get injured in chapter 12 of hunger games?

Well, Peeta runs away from the career pack after Cato slashes him in the leg with a sword. Now he has an injury on his leg!

Why did Peeta not lose a leg in the Hunger Games movie?

Cause they can't do that I guess I don't want him to lose the leg it will be werid

What condition does Peeta get diagnosed with in chapter 20 of the hunger games?

Peeta is diagnosed with blood poisoning by Katniss when she checks hid leg in he cave.

How does peter almost die in the hunger games?

Cato slices Peeta's leg and he almost bleeds to death.

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