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you have to get in touch with is managing agency by just typeing eminems managing agency i did ask how mutch it would cost for eminem air jordans blue berry retro 4

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Q: How can I contact Eminem's music manager Paul Rosenberg?
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When was Paul Rosenberg - music manager - born?

Paul Rosenberg - music manager - was born on 1971-08-01.

When will Eminems lighters music video come out?

Apperently Today August 18

How old was eminems daghter when they filmed I think my dads gone crazy music video?


Why is eminems music not suitable for children?

"i think eminems music is perfectly suitabl for children it should be allowed by everyone" This was someone else's answer. But this is wrong. Eminem's music is not suitable for children, because all of his songs have inappropriate language in them. (No disrespect intended to Eminem.) When children turn 14, then they should be allowed to listen to Eminem.

Is Megan Fox In Eminem's Music Video.?

Yes, it is indeed her along Dominic monoghan as the bf

What do you have to do to be in Justin Biebers music video?

Contact his manager. im pretty sure if he has an page his managers email should be listed

Can somebody tell you the name of one of eminems songs that in video ends with eminem and his crew confront bunch of guys in black and then eminems people arrive?

I Think You Could Be Talking About "Fight Music" ?? Hope We Helped.....XxX It is fight music from D-12 first CD Devil's Night

Where are eminem's kids?

eminems kids are at kims any sometimes with him and hallee helps wth some music,song ect.

When was Johnny Wright - music manager - born?

Johnny Wright - music manager - was born in 1960.

Who was a major influence on eminems music?

If you listen to Eminem's songs you hear that his own life and personal battles inspire a good amount of his songs

What was eminems music like?

It depends..if you like rap with swears then it will be ur favorite if ur a rap hater lik me then ull hate it too

What is the contact email address for Maloof Music?

what is the contact email address for maloof music what is the contact email address for maloof music