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yes Jason Lee does smoke although i dont know why he doesnt seem like the smokeing type

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Q: Does actor Jason lee smoke
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When was Jason Lee - actor - born?

Jason Lee - actor - was born on 1970-04-25.

Does Jason lee smoke?

yes Jason Lee does smoke although i dont know why he doesnt seem like the smokeing type

Where in Texas does the actor Jason lee live?

Jason Lee does NOT live in Texas. He visits there because he has relatives there. He lives in Los Angeles.

Is Jason Lee guest starring in Sons of Anarchy?

No. Actor Kurt Yaeger stars in Sons of Anarchy. People have said that Yaeger resembles Jason Lee.

Is Jason Lee the son of Stan Lee?

No, Jason Lee is not the son of Stan Lee. Stan Lee was a renowned comic book writer and editor, known for creating many iconic Marvel superheroes, while Jason Lee is a film and television actor known for his roles in movies like "Mallrats" and TV series like "My Name Is Earl."

Which actor plays the role of Dave in the chip wrecked movie?

Jason Lee plays the role of Dave.

Does Jason Wade smoke?

No. Jason Wade does not smoke.

What is a hobby that Jason Lee has enjoyed since age 13?

Jason Lee who was born in SoCal, is known throughout hollywood as very accomplished young actor, but many may not realize that he is also a pretty good skateboarder.

Who is Jason lee's father?

Jason Scott Lee's father's name is Robert Lee.

Is Stan Lee the creator of Marvel Comics the father of My Name is Earl actor Jason Lee?

Jason Lee was born in Orange County, California, the son of Carol (née Weaver), a homemaker, and Greg Lee.[1] He was raised in Huntington Beach and attended Ocean View High School. In short, no.

What is the birth name of Jason Evans Lee?

Jason Evans Lee's birth name is Jason Evans Lee.

Jason Scott Lee is an actor from what country?

He is resident of America but has Hawaiian and Chinese decent. He is famed for playing Bruce Lee in several martial arts films including Dragon and The Bruce Lee Story.