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No, in series one they die but the power of the Silver Crystal brought them back to life, and they can't permanently die as in the future Rini knows them and gives Serena messages from them in the future Raye (calling her stupid). ---- However in the last series the Senshi (Scouts) and Mamoru (Darien) all die but Sailor Moon with the help of Chibi Chibi brought them back to life once Galaxia had been defeted.

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Q: Did any of the Sailor Scouts die permenantly in Sailor Moon?
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Are there any boy sailors scouts in sailor moon?

No. There is Sailor Uranus, who is decidedly butch, but she's still biologically a she.

Is sailor Jupiter a good ice skater than sailor moon?

Sailor Jupiter is a better ice skater than any of the other sailor scouts.

Do any of the sailor scouts die?

well they all do when they come down to earth, then they all die again when sailor moon defeats queen Beryl. They might die again but I'm not shore

Is there any sailor moon sacrifices episodes?

Sailor Moon Sacrifice is a fanmade "serie" (with footages from Sailor Moon Classic to Stars) created by Kaosu Studios :)

What chanell do they put on Sailor Moon?

Sailor moon is no longer on air so you wont be seeing her on air any more

Any new Sailor Moon projects?

Nothing since the live action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon which was only in Japan

Does any one know if they are going to bring back Sailor Moon and will they make new episodes of Sailor Moon?

Highly unlikely

Where is an virtual world of sailor moon? has official and fan made games for Sailor Moon a list of the old original Sailor Moon Videa Games from back in the day, and any new ones also..

Do any tv channels in japan still play sailor moon?

No, the Sailor Moon anime series finished airing in Japan in 1997.

Which episodes did sailor moon die in?

Sailor moon doesn't ever die in any of the episodes. In episode 47, i think, Queen Serenity as a hologram visits the Sailor Senshi (the scouts) And tells Sailor Moon about her past life as Princess Serenity. Queen Beryl takes Prince Endymion of the earth a little bit before Princess Serenity jumps up to Endymion, thus leading to Beryl firing and killing both Endymion and Serenity. So, Sailor Moon really does die (but in her past life)

When will Sailor Moon come to the US again?

There hasn't been any plans for Sailor Moon to reair in the US, but the manga has been re-releasing in US, along with Sailor V.

Whatever happened to the release of the Sailor Moon game for the Nintendo Wii?

There was never any official announcement from any of the Sailor Moon license holders about a Sailor Moon game for the Wii or its current successor, the Wii U. Instead, a Namco-produced Sailor Moon title appeared on popular import website YesAsia, and the rumors circulated from there. YesAsia still has a page with "Sailor Moon (Working Title)" for the Wii listed, though there is no cover artwork or any information listed. It is possible there will be video games made to coincide with the 2013 release of the new Sailor Moon anime, but we will have to wait and see.