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Tribute Summons are a form of Normal Summon. Anything that affects or refers to a Normal Summon, will do so for a Tribute Summon too. So yes, a Trap Hole can be used against a Tribute Summoned monster with appropriate ATK.

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Q: Can 'Trap Hole' be used after someone tribute summons?
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In Yugioh if I summon prime material dragon and someone uses trap hole can I use prime material dragon's 2nd effect to stop trap hole or would it not work because trap hole is chained to the summon?

Trap Hole is not being 'chained to' the summon. Summons cannot be chained to. What is happening is that Prime Material Dragon is being successfully summoned (ie, not negated) then Trap Hole is being used in response. Because of that, it is perfectly fine for Prime Material Dragon to chain his effect to Trap Hole.

If I synchro summon a monster can my opponent activate Trap Hole on it?

Synchro summoned is considered a special summon so Trap Hole won't have an effect on them. But try Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute instead.

Ocean Dragon Lord Neo Daedalus destroys all cards on the field by sacrificing Umi Can you use a set Trap hole to destroy it before it destroys Trap hole?

if you use trap hole when your opponent summons it, the monster is destroyed and is unable to destroy umi. So yes, you can use trap hole before he destroys everything heh.

Which is better - Trap Hole or Bottomless Trap Hole?

It depends on the circumstances. Generally, "Bottomless Trap Hole" will be the better card; it works on Special Summons and it removes the monster it destroys from play. However, "Trap Hole" has one advantage: the monster summoned only needs 1000 ATK to trigger it, whereas "Bottomless Trap Hole" requires at least 1500 ATK. So, it would depend upon the type of deck you planned to use or went up against, but most people would choose "Bottomless Trap Hole".

Can you activate torrential tribute or bottomless trap hole when you attack a face down monster with high defense?

Torrential Tribute and Bottomless Trap Hole can only be used in response to a monster's summon. Attacking a monster does not summon it (note that if the monster is face down, this is a Flip and not a Flip Summon).

Does Bottomless Trap Hole work on Darkness Neosphere's special summoning in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, Darkness Neosphere has more than 1500 ATK so Bottomless Trap Hole can be used against it when it special summons itself.

In Yu-Gi-Oh what does tribute summon mean?

No, because Tribute Summon is treated as a Normal Summon. Monsters that require tribute for a special summon (Toon monsters, Destiny Hero Plasma) are still Special Summons, not Tribute Summons.

Can sorcerer of dark magic be affected by trap hole in Yu-Gi-Oh?

He definitely 'can' be affected by it - only when he is Flip Summoned though, if something flipped him face-down previously. Even then, he could just chain his Quick Effect, to negate and destroy the Trap Hole. If he was face down, and a Skill Drain was active, then a Trap Hole could be used when he Flip Summons. Then he would be unable to negate it, and be destroyed.

Does bottomless trap hole work on obelisk the effect monster?

Normal summon, no. Special summon, yes.The reason is, when Obelisk is normal summoned, no spells, traps or monster effects can be activated. That means it prevents anything being activated in the 'summon response' window, which is where you'd normally use cards like Trap Hole, Bottomless Trap Hole, Torrential Tribute, etc.

Can Slifer the Sky Dragon be targeted by a trap after being normal summoned?

Slifer's only protection is that spell, trap or monster effects cannot be used in response to his summon, meaning he is safe from cards that specifically respond to summons, such as Torrential Tribute. After that, targeted traps can be freely used against him.

Can you bottomless trap hole Gorz the Emissary of Darkness and it's token when special summoned?

No. If it is activating the effect to summon a token, that means it is being summoned in the Damage Step of the Damage Phase. Only specific cards can be activated here - even if monsters are special summoned by destroyed Masked Dragons, or Dandylions, or summoned through other effects lik Tragoedia and Gorz, you cannot use summon response cards like Bottomless Trap Hole or Torrential Tribute. Also, as a side note, it is one trigger that summons Gorz, and then a second trigger that summons the token. So you would need two seperate anti-summon cards, if you could even use them, that is.

Can you activate Trap Hole to negate the Tribute Summon of Jinzo in Yu-Gi-Oh?

You cannot activate Trap Hole to negate the tribute summon of Jinzo in Yu-Gi-Oh. No effect of Trap Hole can be activated because Jinzo negates traps in the game. However, your only option to totally prevent Jinzo from negating trap card effects is to negate his summon. To negate a monster's summon also prevents any of its effects on the field from applying. Cards like Solemn Warning not only negate the summoning of a monster but also prevent its effects on the field from ever applying and also destroys the monster.