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No they are Athiests. In order to be satanic you have to follow the religion of Satanism in one of it's many forms, and even then, most Satanists don't even acknowledge Satan as an actual entity, but more of a part of the human ego.

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Q: Are Penn and Teller satanic
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Did Teller of Penn and Teller father one of Penn's children?

No, he did not. Penn is the father of both of his children.

Do the Penn and Teller Webmasters really know Penn and Teller?

There is one webmaster for Penn and Teller. She has worked closely with them for over ten years.

Is teller dead from penn and teller?

No, Teller is not dead.

Can teller talk?

Teller of Penn and Teller can talk.

Is teller from penn and teller dead?

No, Teller is not dead.

What is the real name of Teller from Penn and Teller?

Penn's full name is Penn Fraser Jillet, Teller's birth name is Raymond Joseph Teller. However Teller legally changed his name to just "Teller", and possesses a single named passport.

Is Teller of Penn and Teller gay?

Penn is the larger, louder half of Penn & Teller. He loves talking about his wife and kids. Teller is the quieter half of Penn &; Teller. He has always preferred to keep his private life private and I think we owe him that respect.

Who is Teller's partner?

Teller's partner is Penn Jillette.

How tall is Teller the magician?

According to Penn, Teller is 5'10. Everyone thinks he's shorter because they see him next to Penn; but Penn is 6'7

What channel can you watch Penn and Teller?

Penn & Teller have a show on Showtime.. not sure of day or time, but I know it's on Showtime

Is Teller married?

No, Raymond Joseph Teller of the magician duo Penn and Teller is currently single. However, his partner Penn Jillette is married and has two children.

How old is Teller of Penn and Teller?

Raymond Teller is 67 years old (birthdate: February 14, 1948).