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If your account wont let you log on all you have to do is have your webkinz code handy. When you get to the log in page just click 'I forgot may password'. Then enter the webkinz code and they will give you a new, unique password you can change later if you want!

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Q: Your webkinz account won't let you log on?
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Why cant you log into webkinz?

You can log into Webkinz. There must be something about your computer that won't let you. You might have your username or password wrong, or you account has expired. -WebkinzUSA

Webkinz won't let me log on but it let my friend log on the same computer why?

the same thing happened to me they dont let you on if youre not on for a long time or your account expired

What to do if your zwinky account wont let you go anywhere on your account when you log in?

Swanky downloads a bug to your computer

What do you do when Webkinz doesn't let you log in?

call the company

Why won't theslapcom let you log out?

why wont let me log out?

Is it true that if you log on a webkinz to your account right before it expires you get another full year plus the webkinz you already have?

No that is just a rumor. You have to buy a new webkinz when your account expires

Log in to Webkinz?

i do have a account i will give it to you username trans02 password iwin02

If your account on webkinz has not expired why cant you log in if i are using the same account when i registered?

you can if it is the same one you registered with!

What do you do on runescape if you change your name and password and it won't let you log on?

if it wont let u log on wait a day or 2 and it will let u log on

Can you delete a webkinz pet and let someone else have it to log on with?

No, you cannot delete yours or someone else's Webkinz account. If you want to delete yours, there's a way for the company to delete it. So never add any more Webkinz to that account and never renew it because Webkinz accounts expire in a year.

What are trading cards on webkinz?

Trading cards on Webkinz are little packets of cards you buy at Hallmark or any gift store. Then you get to your house and you log in the code in your Webkinz account to get a gift.

Will you be able to go back on your old webkinz account ever again after you madea new account?

yes just log in to that again and you can have to