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Hi sam,

My ps2 slim model scph 77006 can play pal ntsc and all copied version of ps2 games even orignal and ps1 games orignal or copied

Get mobdo 4.0 or get M7 chips they are best for all kind of dvds to play and cheap in price.

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Q: Your ps2 slim is scph-77006 and cannot play pal games?
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What aret he difference between the PS3 and the PS3 slim console?

ps3 slim is not as big as the original. however you cannot play ps2 games on it.

Is a PS3 slim better than a PS3 fat?

The fat ps2's in my opinion play better than the slimline ones

Can a PS3 slim play ps2 and PS1 games?

The PS3 slim will not play PS2 games with full backwards compatibly.

Can PS3 slim games play on the originL PS3?

Yes they can and they can also play on the new slim released in May 2010. They really are only PS3 games and not games for the slim or fat PS3

What ps2 games work on the ps3 slim?

None the PS3 slim does not play PS2 games

Can you play ps2 games on the PS3 slim?

you can`t

What is better in hardware PS3 or PS3 slim?

Well it depends what PS3 software it is. Mines 60GB and cannot play PS2 games on it that's the only difference, my friend has a bigger GB PS3 and CAN play PS2 games on it. I prefer PS3 slim because it doesn't take up much space :D conor bone:ps3 if you got the ps2 and slim if you don't

Can the fat PS3 play slim PS3 games?


Can the new PS2 slim play cheap PS2 games?

The PS2 Slim Plays all the PS2 games the Fat PS2 would.

Can you play PS3 games on PS3 slim?

All PS3 models can play PS3 games and also select PS1 games

Can the PS3 slim play PS3 games?

Yup, the ps3 slim will play ps3 games. It is the same as a normal ps3 but has a slimmer look to it but most regular ps3s has more memory.

How do you play old Xbox games on Xbox 360 slim?

You Can't.