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Take the item your Pokemon is holding the item will be added to your bag.

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Q: Your Pokemon is holding something do you take it?
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How do you figure out how much your Pokemon loves you in Pokemon soul silver?

When you are walking with your Pokemon, and it comes upon he is holding something, turn around and press A, and it will say (Pokemon Name) is holding something, would you like to take it? Yes.If they give it, they love you enough, if they don't they don't that much. That's one way.

In Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver what happens if your Pokemon finds an item but won't give it to you?

nothing, it will say that your Pokemon is holding something but it is to precious to give you. you will never get it.

How many master balls are in Pokemon emerald?

INFINITY MASTERBALLS just do my trick Trade pokemon for pokemon holding masterballs take them away and trade for your pokemon back

Can you get free accessories in SoulSilver?

If you mean the accessories for your Pokemon to wear for photo shoots then your answer is yes. You know how you can talk to the first Pokemon in your team? Well sometimes it will say they are holding something and it will ask if you want to take it. If you say yes, then you have just got a free accessory for your Pokemon . Hope I helped!

How long does it take for a Pokemon friendship to fill?

If it's holding the soothe bell, about 2 hours

How do you get shiny leaves on Pokemon heartgold or soulsilver?

If you gradually talk to your pokemon you might find that its holding something they want to show you. just press yes and you then put it on them

How do you take something from the Pokemon in the amity square?

First walk 200 steps then face ur Pokemon and take the item

Where can you find accessories in Pokemon diamond?

You can go to hearthome City . There is a place called Amity square. Go in and take a stroll with a cute Pokemon that you have. Run around with it in the square and every so often turn around a talk to your Pokemon by pressing "a".If it comes out something like ....your Pokemon seems to very happy,it means you have to continue walking, Until you talk to your Pokemon and it says "OH! your Pokemon seems to holding something......." that is when you can obtain accesories.You don't always obtain accesories.

In Pokemon pearl after you take away the ever stone what level does it evolve?

um, which Pokemon is holding the stone? because all Pokemon evolve at different levels. be more specific

How can i evolve a Pokemon when i allready stoped it from evolving?

level it up again (if its holding and everstone take it away)

How Pokemon are made?

well... if you take your Pokemon of the same breed (one male and one female) to the Pokemon daycare and give one to the lady and one to her husband leave and come back about two days later the man will be in the backyard holding something called a Pokemon egg , take it, keep it around your active Pokemon and it will hatch it will be the same type of Pokemon as the ones you lent to the daycare owners you can also give Pokemon to them just to improve their experience levels!!! I hope this really helped you out.

How do you hack the Pokemon platinum to get the azure flute?

First, you have a friend give you a level 99 Pokemon in the union room, then make sure the Pokemon isn't holding anything, finally, just leave it in the daycare until it's level 100, then when you take it out, it will be holding an azure flute. It may take a while, and make sure that the Pokemon isn't related to any Pokemon that youre the OT of(father, daughter, neice, etc.)