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Depends where. Sometimes you pay up front, sometimes you are not charged until shipment. You need to read faq's for site in question.

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Q: You preorder a game do you have to buy it right away?
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Can you buy a game with preordering it?

You can buy it straight away from a game store (but if it's not available you'll have to wait until then) You can also order online but that also involves waiting. If somethings preorder only in a store it generally means it's not available in your area yet...

Do you preorder the game to get halo reach officer elite armor?

Yes, and since the game already came out youd have to buy an unused code for it.

How do you get recon in halo reach?

Preorder it or buy it on launch day.

Does Joe Brooks have a CD in stores?

Not Yet...You can preorder it online though... Or buy the album from itunes

Can you buy the unlocking code to unlock sergeant Johnson on halo 3 odst?

no only if you preorder

Can you buy pre-order content after a game releases?

Some games come with a "preorder" version to distinguish it from a collector's edition. So yes, they are sometimes available even though technically you are not pre-ordering.

Can you buy the Sims 3 early?

No, but you can preorder it through ea games,, or It will be released on June 2nd 2009. There are 2 versions you can preorder, the sims 3 or the sims 3 collector's edition.

Are ps3's educational?

they can be if you buy the right game

Is there a Rosalie hale doll If there is is it available to buy or preorder?

No there is only a Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice, and Victoria doll.

Can you play as Johnson on firefight if you didn't preorder Halo 3 ODST?

yes, you can buy him at the xbox market place

What is the code for the recon helmet in halo reach?

There are many code cards, each with a different code, that you had to preorder the game to get; however, many people will sell unused codes on the internet. if you buy one, do it from a trusted source.

What are the disadvaantages of monopoly?

I think you may be at a disadvantage if you go into the game trying to buy park place and boardwalk right away these are the least landed on properties although sometimes you get lucky