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budew will evolve into roseila if you treat it with happiness and care at daytime. your budew will only evolve if its a female

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Q: You have caught a budew on level 6 but now it is level 23 will it ever evolve?
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What moves can budew learn in Pokemon diamond?

the moves budew learn are as followed up to level 16 when it hatches :absorb level 4 :growth level 7 :water sport level 10 :stun spore level 13 :mega drain level 16 :worry seed after them my budew evolved at level 21 so I guess there the moves it learns. it then evolves into rosellia and then into roserade. roserade is awesome and is one of the coolest Pokemon ever

What level does shukel evolve?

Uh, Shukle doesn't evolve. Ever.

In what level does golbat evolve to?

In level 69 it's the greatest level ever

What level does regigigas evolve?

Regigigas does not ever evolve, in any edition of pokemon

On Pokemon diamond Abra evolves at level 16 but you caught mine at level 20 and it is level 32 now Will it ever evolve into a Kadabra?

if you caught the Abra someone may have produced a faulty one and let it loose so i advise you to let it go to or destroy it so some one else cant get itare u sure there is not a ever stone on it

Does slugma evolve?

he does evolve into magcargo how ever i don't know whenyes in level 38

What level does glameow evolve at?

Glameow evolves into Purugly at level 38. If you don't want it to evolve give it an ever stone.

What level does skarmony evolve?

well it does not evolve what so ever i have just about every game and my skarmorys didn't evolve

What level does mukrow evolve?

When ever you use a Dusk Stone.

Will Bulbasaur ever evolve?

Yes he/she evolves at level 16.

Can ditto transform to Pokemon for ever?

no, ditto can never ever evolve, with any stone or any level, traded with any item, it can't evolve!

Do male Gabite ever evolve into Garchomp?

Yes, wether if it is a male or female, it should be able to evolve at Level 48.