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Games for disc-based consoles are region locked. You can't play a Japanese version of MGS4 on a American or European PS3, for example. Cartridge based consoles (especially portables) do not have region-locking.

So. Either get an NTSC PlayStation or scam someone else to get your money back.

(Can't believe that someone would not actually be aware of region-locking... sigh...)

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Q: You have bought PS1 games from America but cant get them to play on your UK PS1 ps2 or ps3?
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How do games in the US differ from games in other countries?

its programed different. If you have a European xbox, then you cant play games bought in America :):):)

How do you play games you bought on the app store on your PC?

You cant. But there are some apps avabile for the mac.

Can you play DS games bought in Japan that say no region protection on a DS in the US?

you can not play japan ds games in a America ds they are diffrent devices

Will a PS3 from Australia play PS3 games bought in America?

No you cannot play games on consoles made for different regions. You can only play games on the consoles made for a specific region. If you attempt to play games cross region it will simply not play.

Can you play Xbox games that you bought and play them on the Xbox 360?

If you bought them, you can play them.

Will 3DS game bought in America work in 3DS bought in Ireland?

NO, the 3DS have a region block, only American 3DS can play American games and only pal 3DS (from Europe) can play pal games and also only Japanese games can be played on a Japanese 3DS

Can you play American PS2 games on a European PS2 console?

your console can play NZ, AUS and UK but NOT American... i found this out when i bought American games you need a NTSC console or an American console or a mod chip to do this if you dont have one of those you cant play American games

How do you play iso games on psp?

you cant

How do you play playstation1 games on a playstation2?

you cant

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no you cant because their to different systems designs so no you cant sorry.

Can you get an American Indiana Jones and the staff of kings game to play on an English Wii?

Yes. ok well how then? i bought it in America and on my wii it comes up saying it cant read the disc!!!

You bought the counter strike 1 anthology but cant play it?

Contact steam support