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u have to see 210 Pokemon to get the national pokedex from rowan

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Q: You have 150 Pokemon on platinum but rowan wont give you the national pokedex?
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Get national pokedex from profeser rowan

What to do to get prof Rowan to give you national pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

Fill up your Sinnoh pokedex. Here's something that will help you: Rotom.

Where do you get the national pokedex in Pokemon Platinum at?

once you have seen all the Pokemon in the Sinnoh region go to Professor Rowan and he will give it to you

Where is the national dex in Pokemon Platinum?

get all the Pokemon in your pokedex from sinnoh then talk to professor rowan and oak will give it to ya

How can you get the national pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

first you have to see all of the Pokemon in the first pokedex then go to prof. rowan and sow it to him then he will give you the national dex i hope i helped you out Pokemon rules doesnt it

How can you get the national pokedex Pokemon platinum?

To get the National Pokedex, you must have seen all Pokemon from the regional Sinnoh Pokedex after beating the Elite Four and Champion. After doing that, go to Sandgem Town and talk to Professor Rowan in his lab and you will get the National Pokedex.

How do you get the poke radar on Pokemon platinum?

After completing the Sinnoh Pokedex, go talk to Professor Rowan. He will upgrade your Pokedex to the National Pokedex and give you the Poke Radar.

Where can you find the national pokedex in platinum?

you cant find it, you have to see all the Pokemon sapphire.

On Pokemon platinum what do you do when you complete the pokedex?

you have to go to Professor Rowan.

Pokedex all fineshed in Pokemon platinum?

talk to rowan

How do you get the couple to move out of your way at the fight area in pokemon platinum?

You have to see every pokemon in the regional pokedex. Then you have to obtain the national pokedex from i think professor oak or professor rowan.

Pokemon Platinum how do you get the national pokedex?

first you have to finish the sinnoh pokedex.then you show your work to professer rowan