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I found a Pokemon website called, and I also found out that in Ruby and Sapphire. You have to trade from Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Emerald to get Deoxys. So people who post questions about catching Deoxys in Ruby and Sapphire are the real liars. For those of you who posted answers like that. STOP MAKING LIES YOU TWITS!!!:@ :@ :@

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Q: You are getting confused about catching Deoxys in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. Who is the real liar?
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Cheats of getting rare Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?

there arent any

Can you get all Pokemon without capturing it?

There is no way of getting Pokemon without catching them, unless you cheat.

What is in Pokemon sapphire that's different from the rest?

In sapphire, instead of getting groudon in ruby or raqueza (I spelt that wrong) in emerald you get kyogre in sapphire

How do you lower the odds of catching a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

the chance of getting a shiny Pokemon is 1/8496.

What to do if Pokemon sapphire is not getting saved?

You might have to get a new game boy.

When do you get kyrogre on Pokemon Sapphire?

You get in right before getting the last badge.

Getting Rayquaza in Pokemon Diamond?

you have to transfer it through pal park with Pokemon ruby,sapphire,and emerald.

How do you get 200 Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

Start by getting a lot of pokemon balls and then catch as many Pokemon as you can. Just catch Pokemon till you get to 200.

How do you get hariyama in Pokemon LeafGreen?

trade it from ruby sapphire or emerald after getting the national pokedex.

Catching golden Pokémon in Pokémon firered?

there is a one and a millionth chance of getting a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon fire red

How do you trade between sapphire and pearl?

you don't. you can only migrate which involves you giving your Pokemon from sapphire away to pearl and getting nothing in return.

Where can you find the amulet coin in Pokemon sapphire?

go to your mom after getting your 5th badge this works for both sapphire and ruby but am not sure about emerald !!!!!!!!!