Yoshi's Island DS cheats

Updated: 4/28/2022
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look on eBay and get an action replay for the ds and if u use it you can cheet

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Q: Yoshi's Island DS cheats
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Does yoshis island have ds download?


How do you unlock yoshis valley for Mario kart ds?

There is no yoshis valley

How do you unlock all th levels in yoshis island ds?

You have to beat all of the levels and then you get extra levels when you beat it.

Are there cheats for Yoshi's Island DS?

Yes, probably.

Yoshi's island DS 1.1 cheats?

no cheats unless you have a R4 or M5 chip

How do you beat Bessie bass on yoshis island ds?

When she jumps very high and comes down to eat you shoot an egg in her mouth. But when i do it it will not die, stupid fish.

How do you enter cheats from the web directly to your Nintendo ds?

how do you enter cheats on ds

Are there cheats for transformers ds autobots?

=No but there are cheats you can unlock=

What are the cheats for meet the robinsons Nintendo ds game?

There are no cheats.

Can i have cheats for the ds Kingdom Hearts?

there are no cheats for this game and nowhere to type them

How do you hack a ds game?

by an action replay ds/dsi (you can downlaod cheats for ur ds with it)

How do you use cheats in harvest moon island of happiness?

You will need a certain DS 'cheat' card called Action Replay. You type in the code there, and then it works.