Xbox360 or PS3 graphics are better?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The link in the answer below says that both consoles have almost the exact same graphics then the pictures show split screens instead of two sets of the same view. You don't get to see the Xbox 360 scene on a PS3 or Vice Versa. Then they say the 3D is better in Xbox 360 when they are not using a 3D Sony Television and Game for the PlayStation 3. The game's graphic's are about the same for both systems the most important and only reason to choose Xbox 360 over the PS3 is that your friends play the Xbox 360. It's as simple as wanting to play your Video Games with people you can talk live with at school or work. The cost and capabilities of the two systems are enough alike for other reasons to no longer matter and anyone who plays games for hours every day should have both systems

Xbox360 has better graphics and you can even visit this site

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Q: Xbox360 or PS3 graphics are better?
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What has better graphics xbox360 or PS3?


Which is better a PS3 or an xbox360?

Ps3 is definetly the better buby ps3 for functions and gameplay and ps3 for better graphics

What games are better xbox 360 or ps3?

The PS3 has the better graphics and some good games, while the XBOX360 also has some good games but not as good graphics as on the PS3. You should go with the XBOX360.

Is a ps3 more graffic than a xbox360?

ps3 has better graphics than xbox

Which has better graphics ps3 or xbox360?

XBOX has way better graphics and the games look like there HD movies.

Is xbox360 better than ps3?

xbox360 has way better games, better graphics, more excitement, and is better looking so buy 360 i agree

Which is better to play PS3 or xbox360?

PS3 ALL THE WAY! They both have good graphics. Ps3 has slightly better graphics. I recommend the ps3 because not only does it have better graphics, there are much better games on it. I do not remember the name of the website but i heard that right when ps3 came out they done a vote. the ps3 won by i think over 3000 votes. They said better graphics and better gameplay.

Who has better graphics xbox360 or PS3?

i say its pretty much teh same but ps3 has blue-ray so I believe it`s a wee bit better

Graphics better on PS3 or xbox360 call of duty modern warfare?

playstation 3 has way better grapics they have blue ray ps3 rocks free online

Does the ps3 have better grafic then the xbox360?

No, it doesn't. The PlayStation 3 has a faster processor, but the Xbox 360 has superior graphics.

What has better graphics xbox or ps3?

The PS3.Because the Xbox360 supports small edge which causes PS3 to be better. Of course if neither is connected to a HDTV 1080P with a HDMI cable they both are not getting what they paid for from the product.

What is better about the PS3 than the xbox360?

i think ps3 because its free online well you don't have to get a 12 month onlinecard from a shop like Eb games, and the graphics are close but ps3 is just a tad better, xbox360 does brake down or stuffs up your game disc , and the ps3 doesen't brake down.