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No i dont think so the ps2 pads have analogs but ps1 pads dont so im not sure you couldtry

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Q: Would a PlayStation 2 controller work on a PlayStation 1?
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Can a PlayStation 1 use a PlayStation 2 controller?


What is the blank button on the PS controller?

Playstation 1 controller?

Do PlayStation 1 games work on PlayStation move?

No you can not. The only games that the move controller can be used on are games that have been designed for the move controller. There are games like MAG and Tiger Woods 2011 that have been updated to allow the Move controller to also be used as an additional controller

Does the PlayStation 3 come with controllers?

1 controller

Is there such thing as PS or PlayStation?

yes there is a playstation 1 its original controller was just the anolog stick thing and then they got a new controller and the design is still used in playstation 2 and 3.

What is all PlayStation products?

All playstation products are playstation 1,playstation2,playstation3,playstation portable and ps vita. There is also the Playstation 3D display, Playstation Go , Playstation Wireless Stereo Headset, Playstation Navigation Controller, Playstation Eye Camera, Playstation Move Controller, and the Playstation Bluetooth Headset. Then there are the games and downloads made by Sony for Playstation and the network products like Playstation Plus and the Playstation Network.

Will your PlayStation 1 games work on your PlayStation 2?


Do PlayStation 1 games work with PlayStation 2?


Do PlayStation 1 games work on PlayStation 2?

Yes they can.

Do PlayStation two games work on the PlayStation one?

no, but you can play playstation 1 games on a ps2

Is the Guitar Hero World Tour controller compatible with the Guitar Hero 1 and 2 games on PlayStation 2?

The guitar controllers (for PS2) will work, yes. But the drum/mic controllers, no.

Would gbr playstation 1 and 2 work in america?

yes but you need to bring an adapter :)