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Q: Works with pressure to keep a nebula from collapsing?
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What works with pressure to keep a nebula from collapsing?

Gravity works with Pressure to keep a Nebula from collapsing.

How do gravity and pressure keep a nebula from collapsing?

the pressure pushes the nebula together just like magnets to keep it from falling or collapsing, and the gravity pulls the exess debri into the nebula to keep it packed tight.

What 2 forces balance each other to keep of nebula dust and gas from collapsing or flying apart?

Gravity and gas.

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The function of residual volume is to keep enough pressure in the lungs to keep them from collapsing.

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don't know by keeping the structure good collapsing

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safety because the team collapsing the scrum has lost the ball

Is a protostar a collapsing nebula?

This is a very good question. And the short answer would be YES. Actually much more has to occur before nuclear fusion takes place in order to create a full star, but yes this is the beginning of the process. Remember "KEEP LOOKING UP." :)

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They keep the tree from falling or collapsing.

Cartilage rings provide rigidity to keep the bronchi from collapsing?


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