Words with 2 h's in them?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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harsh, hitch, heather, philosophy, philantrophy, thorough, thermographic, thirtieth, thought, thatcher

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Q: Words with 2 h's in them?
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The ionic compound of Cd(HS)2 is cadmium sulfide.

What are some words that have 3 H's in it?

Some words that are spelled with three Hs are:chihuahuahashishhighchairhighlightedhighhandedhitchhiker

What word has the most H's in it?

Words spelled with three Hs are:hashishheathenishheighth

What is electron configuration of Hs?

The electron configuration of Hassium (Hs) is [Rn] 5f^14 6d^6 7s^2.

What words have 2 Hs in them?

There are many. Two of the few with H's together are fishhook and hitchhiker. hurrah hush shush Hirohito hooch (see the related question)

What words have double Hs in them?

withhold withholding withheld Southhold withholder withholds

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Remember that a conjugated acid has one proton H+ more than the (conjugated) base of it.So H2S is conjugated as acidto the base HS- .

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"So help me God"