Words that ends with cept

Updated: 4/28/2022
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* Intercept * Precept * Concept

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Q: Words that ends with cept
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What words have the root word -cept in it?

accept, acception, acceptible

What words contain capt or cept?

cative, captivate,except,capture,accept,

When was CEPT University created?

CEPT University was created in 1962.

Where is the book of carmathen cept?

the black book of carmarthen is cept in the natinal libery of wales

What is the definition of cept as a word ROOT?

The "cept" is from the Latin capere, to take, like capture.

What does the acronym CEPT stand for?

If you are interested in the definition for the acronym CEPT, then you will find several definitions available. The most common definition for CEPT is Conference of European Post and Telegraphs.

What are some four letter words that start with an apostrophe ex 'abcd?

'twas, 'cept, 'nuff, 'tude, 'zine

What does the suffix cept mean?

"-cept" means "take"! Reputable Reference:

When was Like a Butterfly 'cept Different created?

Like a Butterfly 'cept Different was created in -2001-03.

What birds are cept as a pet?


Where is aircraft cept?

in an aircraft bunker

What does the prefix cept mean?

to take