Words that end in ie

Updated: 4/28/2022
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  • bookie
  • beanie
  • cookie
  • die
  • eerie
  • lie
  • pie
  • tie
  • weenie
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Q: Words that end in ie
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What words end with ie?

Please click on the related link below to get your list of over a hundred words ending in IE.

What are some words end with the suffix ed?

Lied,tried, died (the past tense of most words that end in ie.)

What are ie words with a long i sound?

Some examples of ie words with a long i sound are: believe, retrieve, brief, chief.

What words end in ie but have a long I sound?

Words like "die" and "lie" end in -ie but have a long I sound.

What are some four letter words that end in ie?

Brie, Erie, Plie (ballet position), Elie.

How do you say piglatine?

For all words which DO NOT start with a vowel u remove the first letter and add it to the end of the word, then you add the letter "a" at the end of the word (IE: farmer would be pronounced armerfa). For all words that begin with a vowel, you simply add the letter "a" to the end of the word (IE: apple would be pronounced applea). Have fun.

Words with ie in them?

I am gay, ie I like men.

What words begin with the prefix IE?

Words that begin with the prefix "ie" include "ielectric," "iefficient," and "iempower."

What is irrational in math in simple words?

An irrational is a number that the decimal point never ends. ie: 3.1415......... and so on. they never end

What rhymes with field with ie pattern?

ie pattered words

What words have the letters I and e in the middle?

Words with IE in the middle:dieddiesdietliedliespierpiespriesttiedtierties

What words have the ie sound?

Words with the "ie" sound include: chief, belief, achieve, pierce, piece, thief, and retrieve.