Words begain with bi

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Biannual, bias, biathlon, bib, bible, biceps, bicycle, bid, big, bigwig, bike, bikini, bill, billion, bin, bingo, bio, Biology, bird, biretta, birthday, bisect, bishop, bit, bite and biz are words. They begin with the letters bi.

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Q: Words begain with bi
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What are some scientific words with the prefix bi?

Some scientific words with the prefix 'bi' are:bicepsbiconcavebiconvexbicuspidbidirectionalbifunctionalbifurcatebilateralbilinearbimodalbiologybiped, bipedalbipodbipolarbiracialbisectbisexualbivalve

Where did the Industrial Revolution begain in Europe?

where did te industrial revolution begain in europe

What does bi mean in french?

bi is a prefix that means "two" or "both" in French words, just as it does in English words.

What is a prefix meaning two?

The prefix bi- means two. Example words: bilingual, biracial

How do you tell a guy that you are bi?

with words

Words starting with bi?


What kind of words that have bi?

The prefix "bi" means "2" bilateral bifocal bifurcate

What does Al bi mean in Hebrew?

Al bi has no meaning in Hebrew as a phrase, but as separate words: ahl (על) = "on" bi (בי) = 'in me"

What words containing the root word bi?

bicycle, bi means two. Yeah.

Words that begin with bi?

-bicycle -bipeds

What scientific words start with bi?

· biology