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H?2... R40? 4R6+ +T?T 6440 P??W

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Q: Wonder mail code to get boulder cave?
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Is there a wonder mail code to rescue yourself if you faint in a cave?


Is there a wonder mail code that makes a Dragonite join you in beach cave?


What is Onix's friend area in blue rescue team?

his friend area is boulder cave but i dont know how to get it but dont worry i ask what the wonder mail code was to get it so ill give you the code if someone answers my question

What is the wonder mail code for murky cave in blue rescue team?

There is no code for groudon. You must recruit him, then you get his friend area.

How do you get the letters to come to your mailbox to be able to go to solar cave?

type in your wonder mail code again

Is there a wonder mail code for quicksand cave Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

no. u get it during the game

Is there a Wonder Mail code in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 Explorers of Darkness to recruit a male Bulbasaur in either Beach Cave or Drenched Bluff or Mt. Bristle or Waterfall Cave or Apple Woods?

go on wonder code generator chose your details and then you have your code

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon where do people type in codes?

You go to the menu and go to wonder mail and type in the code here's one Great Canyon 1st floor Reward: Friend Area (boulder cave) Code: P?2W WW0? 4P?? H1?Y 6446 P7?W

What is the wonder mail code for flash cannon?

This is a rescue mission. You have to rescue Bulbasaur from Floor 1 of Beach Cave. And for future reference, the link below has a Wonder Mail Generator that can get you any item or recruit you want. But, anyway, here's the Wonder Mail code/password.... 115=X 98#QF5X 4X#-% WNR01 N0WN6S# W2SCJ

What is the wonder mail code for recruting a smeargle?

Beach Cave Floor 1 S3-# &@Q2 40-- 0RFX 6H7S 2NRJ

How do you get the mystery part with a wonder mail code after you already used a wonder mail code and lost it?

you have to use another wondermail code {different}

A Dragon Cave wm for Pokemon rescue team?

You have to get it by wonder mail and the code is this P?2? ??y? 4??? 5f?? F450 8???