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gamma, ambrose ( maybe ) and all i can think of ~.o

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Q: Wizard101 codes that are not expired?
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What are the sword codes for wizard101?


Codes for a staff on wizard101?

Subject: Code Status: Expired.

Are there any codes on wizard101 that have not expired left?

no because everyone uses them

What are the codes for staffs on wizard101?

To stop noobs from getting staffs and swords, they expired.

Wizard101 cheats that have not expired?

You think its that easy, to just ask on a website for codes? Well too bad for you all of them are expired.

Any cheats for wizard101?

Wizard101 has stopped giving out as many promotional codes. You will not find them as frequently. There are only two out they are both expired though.

What are the codes to get lots of gold on wizard101?

There is one code called "frog," but too bad for you that expired.

Is there a gold code on wizard101 that is not frog?

Nope, "Frog" is the only code existing from the creation of Wizard101 to now. Anyways, even if some more codes exist, they would have long ago expired, Wizard101 cleaned their game of all existing codes.

What are some wizard101 codes?

ok, some w101 codes had expired, but the only code i can think of is the friend code: 9237D-6LL3Q-36M4M-9L633.

When did the wizard101 cheats expire?

i think way back in october in 2010, now any cheat codes are expired and only promotion and friend codes can get through

Wizard101 staff code that has not expired?

All of them expired, the only codes are the one-time use only codes you get from the magazine, but since it is one time use only if another person scanned the code in before you did then it's worthless.

What are some cheats on wizard101?