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sunkern into sunflora and gloom into bellossom

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Q: Witch Pokemon evolve from the sun stone in Pokemon leaf green?
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What fire type Pokemon evolve with a fire stone witch?

growlithe vulpix eevee

How do you evolve a misdreavus in Pokemon pearl?

You need to get a dusk stone witch is in the team galctic wharehouse

Witch Pokemon evolve from a shiny stone on pearl?

Well, ummmmmmmmmmm togetic is one it evoloves to togafly

Which Pokemon evolve with the hard stone in pearl?

No Pokemon can evolve with a hard stone

What level does Vulpix evolve in Pokemon leaf green?

Vulpix evolves at level 100. does not. can only evolve with fire stone.

Pokemon LeafGreen what Pokemon can evolve with the leaf stone?

In Pokemon Leaf Green, Exeggcute (into Exeggutor) Gloom (into Vileplume), Weepinbell (into Victreebel)

Does a moon stone evolve any type in Pokemon pearl?

No, only some pokemon such as clefairy, evolve with a moon stone. But other certain pokemon will evolve only with a water stone or other type of stone. So a moon stone does not evolve any type of pokemon, unless that pokemon has the certain conditions to evolve.

What Pokemon dose a dawn stone evolve?

In the Pokemon Games, the Dawn Stone is an evolutionary stone that will help two different Pokemon evolve. When exposed to a Dawn Stone, Snorunt's evolve into Froslass and Kiralia's evolve in Gallade.

Witch Pokemon evolve by way of moon stone?

clefairy into clefeable,nidorino into nidoking,nidorian into nidoqueen. hope this helps

What Pokemon evolve with a sun stone on Pokemon leaf green?

this Pokemon will evolve if sunstone is given to hold: oddish (lvl 21) -> gloom (sunstone) -> belossom sunkern (sunstone) -> sunflora

What Pokemon evolve with dawn stone?

Two Pokemon can evolve if exposed to the Dawn Stone. A Snorunt will evolve into a Froslass, and a Kiralia will evolve into a Gallade.

Witch pokemon evolve with an oval stone?

Happiny.It's me first yea only thing is happiny n u can olny do it day n night