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Yes. I will! I can meet you in Mount Lava Palooza on cool. It just depends on what you do. If you want furniture, invite me to your house. Then, I deturmine if you get a cool item, or just an item. Next is clothing. if you want new clothes, change them. If you want something realy cool, show your pet. I only do this on saturdays, and sometimes I can't get on the computer. Oh and my username is KidKat789 and I am a Cat. Oh, and when I leave Mount Lava Palooza,(exept when I go to someones house) it's all over for that. (I'm normally on at 7:00 to maybe 9:00)

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Q: Will someone give you free stuff on mcworld?
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How do you complete all the McWorld quests?

give it a try you cant get all the answers for free

Do any of you guys play the online game mabinogi if you do can you please give me free stuff?

come plz someone give me an answer.

Can someone give some unused Mcworld codes to me?

in real life yes but in the game i dont think so

How do you get dogs in mcworld?

go to petsylvania and go inside the adoption center,talk to the lady inside and she`ll give you a quest if you follow it, she will give you a free pet!

Can someone give you a dog code on mcworld?

Sorry but no one from mcworld can give you a code but you can find some one the web if you want One code is 7hke-laj7-wjn7 That Code Does Not Work I tryed Alot And I Never Did also I have All The Pets.! So Ha.!

Can Someone Please Give you a Rare Webkinz Pet Code?

That would not be good you need to buy it no free stuff!! :) Chloe1132

What company gives out free stuff?

Many companies give out free stuff such as samples and coupons.

Where do you get a supercomputer in mcworld?

You can buy it at uptown. Or, Heroic man will give it to you.

Will someone give you free items?

Nothing is free

How do you get a car for free?

Get someone to give it to you.

How do you get free stuff in bearville?

you go to the fountain in towns square and if you click on it and finish the game it will give you free stuff but score well or you wont get anything.

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