Will ps3 from UK play DVD's from the us?

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2010-05-10 17:09:15

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no they will have region problems

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2010-05-10 17:09:15
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Q: Will ps3 from UK play DVD's from the us?
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Can us PS3 games work on a UK PS3 console?

Im sorry to tell you that the U.S PS3 games will not work on UK PS3 console, and the reason for that is -The PS3 games are made with regions. The US PS3 games are made for region 1 and UK PS3 games are region 2... Therefore the region 1 ps3 console will only play region 1 ps3 games, just like region 2 ps3 console will only play region 2 ps3 games. Hope that makes any sense. If you have more questions just message me. The reason is not region coding, but it is the USA TV design system is different from the others and games made to work for the USA system do not all have the ability to be changed and be played on the UK and Europe TVs. The affect is the same as if they were region coded except that region coding fixes also will not work because it is the TVs that can not play the games and not the PS3

Can you play Japanese PS3 games on the us PS3?

Japanese games can play on American consoles, vice versaONLY.

Do us PS3 games work on UK PS3 console?

all ps3 games are region free so you can buy them from everywhere. i hope you havnt bought a xbox 360 because they are very unreliable

Are Canadian and US Nintendo Wii games compatible with a UK game console?

No. All games are region locked much like DVDs are so a console bought in the UK are not going to be able to play US or Canadian games. The way around that is to mod your Wii, which if done incorrectly can turn it into an expensive paperweight. Some places you may be able to chip it so that it will play all region games.

Will a Wii bought in the US work in the UK?

It will work if you can get a UK power adaptor for it, and if you have a NTSC compatible TV, but you will only will be able to play games from the US, not ones from the UK.

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Can UK PS3 games play on a US PS3?

No, as the UK games have different region than US games

Can you play US PS3 games on a UK PS3 system?


Do US Playstation 3 games play on UK Playstation 3 consoles?

There is no difference between a US PS3 game and a UK PS3 game.

Can you play online with a US PS3 game on a UK PS3?

As long as it uses the PSN , YES

Can you play a UK red dead redemption disk on a US PS3 console?

Most likely.

How do you know when a games from the US won't work on the Japanese ps3 version?

Any PS3 game will work on any PS3. The PS3 has no region coding, so it's compatible with games from any region. The only issues you will have are with PS2 and PS1 games, and DVD/BD movies. PS1/2 games and DVDs are region coded, meaning they will only play on a player from the same region. So if you have a Japanese PS3 it won't play PS2/PS1 games or DVDs from the US. This is a double edged sword though. While you won't be able to play North American PS2/1 games and DVDs, you will be able to play Japanese imported PS2/1 games and DVDs, which is pretty cool. As far as online functions and the PSN store, this will all work fine as long as you set up your account as a US account. I have a US PS3 and have both a US and Japaense PSN account. I use the JP account to download demos and other media from the JP PSN store, that aren't available in America.

Can you play a UK red dead redemption disk on a US PS3 console I tried playing it on my console but it won't play saying I cannot play this game with the current display settings?

It depends, i was unable to play a Japanese game on my UK PS3, you may be lucky enough to be able to

Can PS3 games from japan play on US PS3's?

no you can only play games from the us

Will a PS3 from china play PS3 games from the us?


Can you use a UK PS3 in the US?

Im using a UK ps3 in riyadh and everything is fine. including online

Is there a british DVD rental service that ships to the US?

No there isn't. Shipping will cover mainland UK only. Added to this is that UK/European DVDs do not always play on US and Canadian machines due to the zoning codes inset.

Can you play us ps3 gamesman the uk?

No US games must be designed for the US System of Televisions and they will not work anywhere else without being offline on US equipment.

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