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If any one has a mew our ho-oh. I will trade you a Infernape level 100.please send me a answer at Trina h2o @ hot mail .com. If any one has a mew our ho-oh. I will trade you a Infernape level 100.please send me a answer at Trina h2o @ hot mail .com.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-08 01:32:52
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Q: Will anyone trade me a mew?
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Is there anyone who will trade a mew?

Yes, Just not me!

How can you get mew in pokemon emerald without action replay?

You would need to trade with a friend who has Mew or anyone else.

Will anyone trade their mew for your phione?

maybe but it would have to be at least level 40

Will anyone trade an arceus or dialga or mew or Groudon or lugia in Pokemon gold for an Entei?


Does anyone want to trade me a regigigas for Pokemon Platinum?

rejigs for mew-three X

Can anyone trade you a mew level 20 for a torchic level 15 im desperate please?


Can anyone trade an Arceus Mew Shaymin Darkrai Riolu or Celebi?

Yes, anyone can trade these Pokemon as long as they own them and can connect with other players using the same generation games.

How do you catch mew on ds?

Catching mew on a ds game is impossible without cheating. However, anyone with a wii system can download my Pokemon ranch, and the game will allow you to trade a Pokemon egg for mew.

Will anyone trade me their Charizard for my mew my CH. name killer FC. 0516 8844 5386?

i will trade u a charzard for a mew, what game and what level email me and tell me the time you can trade name: MATTHEW fc: 356645463404 email me at

Mew in Pokemon LeafGreen'?

Mew isn't in Leafgreen. Trade Mew from Emerald.

Can Anyone trade me a Ditto For a Mew?

ignore what the other guy said yes i would trade my shine ditto for a mew! i have mew two but i really want mew the original! the other dude did not know what the question was trust me. i have almost every Pokemon in the book ( dx in other words)ill trade a lvl 60 and up ditto or a mewtwo if i cancameronfriend code 1636 0087 2474

What is diamond mew mew?

Diamond Mew Mew is fake, dont believe anyone who says it is real

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