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No. Munchlax evolves with happiness. You can make your Pokemon happy a lot of ways. Some examples are: keep them first in your team, take them to the pokeathlon, don't let them faint. Munchlax evolves into snorlax.

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Q: Will a munchlax evolve if its ability is pick up?
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How does Munchlax evolve into Snorlax?

You level munchlax up with high friendship to evolve into snorlax

When does munchlax evolve in platinum?

Munchlax > lvl up with max happiness > Snorlax

How does munchlax evolve in platinum?

level it up

How do you evolve the munchlax in Pokemon Black and White that traded for your cincinno?

To evolve the Munchlax you just have to level it up when its holding the leftovers.

What level does munchlax evovle?

Munchlax doesn't evolve based on level; when its happiness is at maximum, it will evolve the next time it levels up.

What lv does munchlax evolve?

get it's happiness up and it will evolve, regardless of level.

What level does Snorlax evolve on Pokemon diamond?

Snorlax does not evolve. However, he does evolve from Munchlax. There is no specific level that Munchlax evolves. If he levels up with a high happiness rating, he will evolve into Snorlax.

How do you evolve a Munchlax on Pokemon crater?

by leveling up to level 78

How do you get more than 1 leftovers in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl apart from a Munchlax and from victory road says that you can get them with pick up ability but i dont know where to useit?

You must have a Pokemon with the ability 'Pick up'. Aipom or Munchlax for example has the ability Pick up. Don't let it hold an item either. To use Pick Up, you just need to walk around the area. Keep checking in your party to see if your Pokemon found an item while walking around. Leftovers found in Victory Road are very rare to find.

How do you evolve munchlax in Pokemon mystery dungeon 2 time and darkness?

To evolve Munchlax on Mystery Dungeon 2 you will need to raise it's IQ up to 2 stars. That works unless you are Munchlax. Your partner and you cannot evolve until you recruit Dialga and Palkia to your team.

How do you evolve a munchlax on Pokemon pearl?

level up with base happiness at 220

How do you evolve munchlax?

Munchlax evolves into Snorlax when it has enough happiness and levels up. my advice is keep giving it berries and poffins because munchlax can't go in amity square

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