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No the PS3 model CECH-3001 could use 100 and up to 200 watts by itself in the newest slim models and would not allow for the TV. The first Fat models used 200 watts and a maximum of 380 watts and every model but the newest uses a maximum of more than 200 watts

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Q: Will a 200 watt inverter power a ps3 and small tv?
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How many watt of 220 volt will get by convering inverter from 200 Watt 12 volt?

Probably about 180 watts, assuming 90% efficiency.

What wattage of inverter would you need to power a 100-240volt 1.7 amp laptop?

At 100 volts, around 170 watts. At 240 volts, around half as much. So, I'd suggest a nice 200 watt inverter for the 120 volt model, but that seems to be an awful lot for your purposes. Are you sure that you're not reading the power output of the power adapter, as compared to the amperage it draws on A.C.? I seem to remember using my laptop in a truck with just a 40 watt inverter and it worked just fine.

How many amps do you need in a relay for a 2000 watt RMS 4000 peak power inverter?

Amps x volts equals watts...200 amps at 12 volts would be 2400 watts...add a few more because. the inverter efficiency is not 100 percent...

How do you wire a 3000 watt inverter into a 200 amp disconnect panel?

You're asking about something that is potentially very dangerous. There is some very specific equipment that isolates an inverter from the utility main. In the event of a power failure, if your equipment is installed improperly you could cause injury to utility workers. Do NOT install the inverter if you are not properly trained and have an adequate knowledge of not just electricity, but also extensive knowledge of the inverter and disconnect equipment.

If a power saw is 12volts will a 400 watt inverter be sufficient?

No. The 12volts will not make a difference. The inverter converts the 12volts to 110/115volts. A 400watt inverter is not sufficient to run a power saw or any heavy power equipment like that. Laptops consume 20-50watts, while a coffee pot would consume more like 200-400watts. Your power equipment is a much heavier load, between 1000-4000watts depending on if it is a power saw or something larger. A basic 7 1/4 circular saw will use anywhere from 1000-2500 watts on starting and will draw a constant 800-1500 watts. Keep in mind it will draw more as you put it under load of cutting something, this will not run on a 400 watt inverter, let alone an 800 or 1000watt. You could however possibly run a power drill on that inverter, but otherwise no luck.

What will be out put wattage on convertion of 200 watt 12 volt DC to AC through inverter?

About 180 watts assuming a 90% conversion efficiency.

What is voltage source inverter in electrical terms?

"Inverter" usually refers to a device that takes DC as an input and delivers AC as an output. It's what you use when, for example, you want to operate small 'household' AC devices in the car, powered from the cigarette lighter socket. I think some newer model cars have AC outlets available, powered from a factory- installed inverter, which would cost you $25 at your neighborhood megalomart for a 100-watt inverter and an outlet strip, but adds $200 to the cost of the vehicle.

Can you run a 300 watt graphics card with a 200 watt power supply?

it will burn do not do it or your pc or maybe your house will be in fire

Can you run a 200 watt bulb with a 160 watt solar panel?

Yes, a 160 watt solar panel can power a 200 watt bulb, but only during optimal conditions. You may not get continuous power output if there are factors like shade or weather conditions affecting the panel's efficiency. It's recommended to use a battery to store excess energy for use when the sun is not shining.

How much does a small solar panel cost?

It depends on what you call small. 5 watt panels are about a square foot or smaller and cost $10-30. You can't do much with a 5 watt panel though. A 100 watt panel is about about half the size of a regular home door. You can generate enough power to recharge car batteries with one of these in a couple days. These cost $200-300 each.

If i have 1000 watt light on a 200 amp?

You need at least 5 volts to power it? What's the real question?

What size inverter do you need for your xbox 360?

From what I've read online, the XBOX 360 draws anywhere between 160 and 195 watts. So I would say to be safe, get atleast a 200 watt inverter, and if its going to be in a confined environment, possibly get a larger one so it doenst have to work quite as hard, and wont get as hot.