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She doesen't You have to get a TM

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Q: Will Roselia learn solar beam and on what level?
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What level does Roselia learn magical leaf?

At level 19, Roselia leans magical leaf. Some of the other moves Roselia can learn are blizzard, solar beam, energy ball, and poison sting.

What moves does Roselia learn in Pokemon pearl?

level one hyper beam

What level does tropius learn solar beam?

no it can not learn it but you can get ice beam as a TM is number 13

What level does Bulbasaur learn solar beam?

Level 46.

At what level does Cherubi learn Solar Beam?

Cherubi learns Solar Beam at level 37, but if it evolves into Cherrim, it learns it at level 43

What level does Groudon have to be to learn solar beam?


What level does gloom learn solar beam?

it doesn't learn it you have to teach it to it

What level does Exeggutor learn solarbeam?

Exeggutor does not learn solar beam at any natural level. To teach it solar beam you must get the TM first and use it on the Exeggutor.

When will Venusaur learn solar beam on its own?

Level 53.

Does bellossom learn any moves?

Bellossom cannot learn Petal Dance or Solar Beam via level up in DPPTHGSS. However, Bellossom can learn Solar Beam through TM. Gloom learns Petal Dance at level 53, so if you let it learn Solar Beam, then evolve it. In RSEFRLG, Bellossom will learn both Petal Dance and Solar Beam. Petal Dance at level 44 and Solar Beam at level 55.

When Sceptile learn solar beam in emerald?

Catch Groudon, a level 70 Legendary Pokemon... It already got a Solar Beam before and after you catch it...

What level does cherrim learn solarbeam?

Cherrim learns solar beam at level 43. In order to expedite the process, one can use TM22. Additionally, Cherubi, Cherrim's preceding evolution, learns solar beam earlier; at level 37.