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Yes, as confirmed by Mojang on May 8th, 2012, there will be the custom skin editor on the xbox360 version of minecraft. ( COMING OUT ON MAY 9TH! )

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Q: Will Minecraft Xbox 360 edition have custom player skins?
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Can you get skins in minecraft pocket edition?


Does skins pro created for ios give you skins for minecraft PE?

Minecraft: Pocket Edition does not feature skins yet, so unfortunately, no.

How do you get custom heads in Minecraft?

Try out "Planet Minecraft" there's millions of skins available. All of which have different heads.

Can Minecraft skins be used on the Minecraft pocket edition demo?

Yes you can use skin stealer except for bug in multiplayer

How do you get skins in minecraft pocket edition lite?

I am very sorry to report that in the latest version of Minecraft pocket Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite skins are unavailable as are mods. However the Mojang team is planning to add both features in later updates of the games though possibly not the lite. I hope my answer helped. Oot:)

What is Minecraft premium?

Minecraft Premium is the full version of Minecraft. With Minecraft Premium you can use custom skins for your character, play the incredibly fun Beta mode, and give money to Mojang AB to aid in the development of Minecraft.

What is the update for Minecraft Xbox 360 version?

Adds skins to the player profile.

How Do You Get Skins In Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Well there are websites here's one here's another one hoped I helped

What is skincraft in Minecraft?

Skincraft, is a website that hosts minecraft skins, these skins can be uploaded to the minecraft website to change your look in-game.

How do you get skins on Minecraft without a USB chip?

You can download skins from a website and then go on the Minecraft Website. Or download it to Minecraft and it will take you to the page

What is the best website for Minecraft skins?

Minecraft /Skincraft

Is their skins for Minecraft classic?