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Hate to break it to you, but he's dead. I'm sorry if you're a fan of Lee Everett and you really want him to come back but he'll never. In Season 1, his skin was pale and his eyes were yellowing. He was bitten and besides, his hand is chained so he won't be going anywhere. Whatever choice you make either you shoot him or leave him, he just won't come back, you gotta face reality. But if you do leave him, he will probably come back as a walker and will make an appearance in Season 3. Other than that, he's completely dead. Even if someone found him and gave him medicine, it would probably be too late at the time. There is a very small chance that he will come back. Let's face it, Lee Everett is dead and he is never coming back. NEVER, even if you really really really want him to. But don't worry, you can always play as him again and remember all the good times you had with him when he was still alive. Luckily, there will probably be a new character in Season 3 and you'll probably like him much more than Lee that you won't even have to remember him. If you're the one that's reading this right now, I want you to announce to all Lee Everett fans that he is no more and is forever gone. It's time to move on, folks.

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Q: Will Lee Everett return in season 3 of the walking dead?
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