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I am sorry to say this but probably not... he is one of the forgotten enemys of sonic along with Stinger, Madillo, and clucker... :( im sad too

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Q: Will Fang the Sniper appear in Sonic Shows?
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Will Fang The Sniper Appear in Future Sonic Games?

Probably no.

Who is Fang the Sniper?

Fang the sniper aka Nack the weasel is a character in the the old Sonic the hedgehog series. He fights with guns and jumps like Sonic.

How tall is fang the sniper?

in sonic 3.1 in super pup 7'1

Who are all the forgotten sonic characters?

All the forgotten sonic characters i know is Mighty the armadillo, Bean the dynamite, Nack/Fang the sniper, Ray the flying squirrel, Bark the bear, Manic the hedgehog, and Sonya the hedgehog.

What kind of animal is fang the sniper?

he is a cross of a weasel and a wolf

Is Fang the Sniper a bad guy if yes why?

Fang the Sniper is a bad guy because he is nor on anyone's side with any of the citizens in Mobius. He is a bounty hunter or a treasure hunter. He's obsessed with valuables and money and will do anything to get right in his hands. He even approached Sally rudely.

Should mighty fang and bark be back in sonic?

mighty bark and fang should return because last time mighty was seen it 1995. bark and fang are oldschool but they should return

How old is White Fang the moviestar dog?

White Fang, the Alaskan Malamute who played in various movies and TV shows, was born in 1993 and passed away in 1997.

Why does White Fang go back to the Indians after they move camp and What does this return show about White Fang's development?

White Fang goes back to the Indians because he has developed a sense of loyalty and attachment to them through his experiences with them. This return shows that White Fang has learned to form meaningful connections with others and has grown to understand the concept of companionship and loyalty.

Who is Weedon Scott inside the book White Fang?

Weedon Scott is a kind and compassionate man who becomes White Fang's final owner in the book "White Fang" by Jack London. He shows patience and understanding towards White Fang, helping him transition from a wild and aggressive wolf-dog into a loyal and loving companion. Through his care and training, Weedon Scott brings out the best in White Fang.

Who and why did people start the myth the tails doll?

It's not a myth the tails doll is real, it just hasn't been in a show like Mighty the armadillo, or Bark the bear, and Nack/fang the sniper!

Why does White Fang go back to the Indians after they move camp and What does this return show about White Fang?

White Fang goes back to the Indians because he is no longer used to the harsh wilderness and he longs for their company, the loud sounds of the camp, and the warmth of the fire. This shows that White Fang is so accustomed to man that he is no longer a wild animal.