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You can play Curse of Monkey Island using ScummVM ( It also allows you to run many of other games based on the SCUMM engine (monkey island 1 & 2, maniac mansion, day of the tentacle, Indiana Jones, etc...)

I've tested it on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Ubuntu and works like a charm.

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Q: Will Curse of Monkey Island work with windows vista?
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The first 3 monkey island games do not work on more recent operating systems. Fans of old LucasArts adventure games have developed the program ScummVM though, which allows you to play the old games. You will need to download the program, and then copy all the files from your Secret of Monkey Island CD into a folder. Then open ScummVM, click add game, choose the folder, and click search. It will find the game, and then you can load and play.

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