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Q: Will 3ds action replay work on regular ds games?
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Does action replay work on the 3ds if you use ds games?

You need an Action Replay 3DS, other versions won't work on it - note that it is built to work on regular DS games, there isn't a device for actual 3DS games yet.

Can you use a action replay on a Nintendo DSi?

You will need Action Replay DSi - the regular Action Replay device will not work.

Does action replay have Pokemon Heart Gold in the codelist?

action replay max does but shouldn't(does not work) and i am not sure if the regular action replay does.

What Pokemon games work with the action replay ds?

Yes all of them work on the action replay

What are all the games action replay will work for?

Well for the action replay dsi when it loads you will see all the games if you only have action replay ds then i would Google search it. Most of the Mario games work. But not all games work.

Will a European Action Replay DS work with Australian games?

yes they do work because there is no Australian action replay or game shark yet i use a European action replay for Australian games.

Does the Action Replay work on GBA games?


Does an Action Replay DS work on Game Boy Advance games?

Answerno, not unless you have action replay max

Why does your action replay call some games you put on unknown?

if the game is not on action replay it won't work until it is on.

What is the code to get Pokemon Platinum back into your action replay?

I have an action replay too,so don't say it doesn't work. you don't need a code if you're using regular action replay AND you didn't delete the other Pokemon games that were there from the start. just enter the name Pokemon platinum in it.

Can a action replay for ds work on dsi?

No, a DSi will not recognise a regular ARDS.

Is there an action replay code for a berry on Pokemon crystal?

The Action Replay does not work on gen 2 games. So, no. There isn't.