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You haven't recruited Latios yet.

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Q: Why you can't find latios in southern island?
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Where to find latis in Sapphire?

Latias --> Southern Island (Nintendo Event only) Latios --> Roaming Hoenn

What is the code to get shiny Pokémon in Pokémon sapphire?

the code is... HOPE IT HELPS!!!!! here's some of my favorite codes too Eon Ticket: will put an eon ticket(used to find latios on southern island) in your PC southern island: will allow you to use the ferry in lilycove to g to southern island Latios: will let you fight latios whenever you examine the stone on southern island and lastly... Master balls X99: gives you 99 master balls in the first slot of the ball part of the bag those should make catching a ton of latios' very easy!

On omega ruby and Alpha Sapphire how do you find latias and latios?

In Pokemon Omega Ruby, Latios can be found in Southern Island after obtaining the HM Surf and going to Route 123. To find Latias, you will need to get the Eon Ticket to fly to Southern Island to get her. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire has the same methods, but with the opposite Pokemon.

What is the point of southern island on Pokemon sapphire?

You can find latios or latias there and they hold a special item soul dew which increases there power.

Were to find lotios and lotias in emerald?

If you chose 'red' during the tv news show after beating the Elite Four, then you can find Latias roaming Hoenn and Latios on Southern Island, available only by obtaining a ticket found from a Nintendo Event. If you chose 'blue' during the tv news show after beating the Elite Four, then you can find Latios roaming Hoenn and Latias on Southern Island, available only by obtaining a ticket found from a Nintendo Event.

Where do you go to use your ion ticket on Pokemon ruby version?

Go to slateport city or lilycove city and find the SS Tidal boat show the lady the ticket then choose southern island to reach an island where latios is.

Where to find Latias and Latios on Pokemon Diamond?

dude or dudet u cant get a latios or latios in Pokemon diamond/pearl. so stop asking by the way u can only get em in ruby emerald sapphire gosh buttox rox :p licky

In Pokemon red rescue team for GBA what is at the end of southern cavern?

You'll find Latios at the end of Southern Cavern, who you'll bring back to the Town Square.

Where do you get latias and latios in Pokemon perla?

you cant catch latias or latios in diamond/pearl. you can migrate latias and latios from emerald, ruby, sapphire. in case you dont know, you get latias/latios at the end of the game and the mother tells you what color(red-latias/blue-latios) the guy on tv says. the hard part is to find it. it randomly appears any where on hoenn.

Where can you find latias in Pokemon Ruby?

Latiasyou cant find latias in Pokemon ruby you can only find it in sapphire. in Pokemon ruby you get latios no, you get latias in ruby and latios in sapphire because of the colour, Latias is red means ruby,latios is blue so means sapphire. your right above me but you got it mixed up. No its latias in sapphire and latios in ruby trust me i took forever trying to catch latias in sapphire and i finally did.

Where to find latios in diamond?

You must find AR codes for latios/latias are not wild in Diamond. I do not have an AR code for latios/latias. Sorry.

How do you get latias and latios on sapphire?

Once you have defeated the Pokemon League, Latias will randomly appear around Hoenn. Beware though, this Pokemon likes to flee. Latios is only available in Ruby. The Latios fact isn't correct. Latios can be in all the versions of Hoenn, however in Sapphire you have to go to Southern Island. Latios can be found in the wild in Emerald and Ruby without going to Southern Island. The only way to get Latias in Sapphire is to find it somewhere in wild when you defeat the Elite Four. Once you have found it once and fail to capture it, you can look it up in the Pokedex and see where it is under 'area'. I recommend you use a Master Ball to catch Latias. If you already used it, you can find a Golbat and train it to level 45-50 and use Mean Look. Be careful; when you look up where Latias is and fly to that town or city, it can fly somewhere else. The link found below is useful if you want to know where the Pokemon are located or how it evolves in all versions.