Why wont your sim get pregnant?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I can't really tell you why... but my sim would not get pregnant and she has four kids. i know there can only be eight sims in a household, but should'nt it just not be available?

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Q: Why wont your sim get pregnant?
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Why wont your sim get pregnant on sims 3 if you have the contraception thing?

It will, in fact, it gives you a greater chance of conception (getting pregnant)!

Why wont my alien sim get alien pregnant on sims 2?

The alien sim can't get pregant. But it can make human sims pregant, even boys, or children! But sorry an alien sim can not get pregant!

When is your sim to old to get pregnant?

Your Sim can get pregnant throughout the time that it is an adult. However it cannot get pregnant the last three or so days of its adulthood. A male elder Sim can sometimes get an adult female Sim pregnant, but it is a much smaller chance of the Sim getting pregnant. Hope this helps!

On itouch I have Sims 3 and I was wondering if my sim can get pregnant?

no ur sim cant get pregnant, hope this help's :)

Can sim become pregnant in the sim 3 pets?


How do you make a sim pregnant on sims two pets on playstation2?

You actually can not get a Sim pregnant in Sims 2 Pets.

Can vampires be pregnant on The Sims 3?

Yes Vampire Sims can become pregnant in the sims 3. In fact vampirism is genetic in sims 3. eg: Sim+Vampire= Sim/Sim/Vampire/Vampire Sim+Sim=Sim Vampire+Vampire=Vampire

How do you make sim pregnant in sim 2 pets in psp?

poo on it =0

How long does your sim stay pregnant on sim life stories?

About three days.

In what Sims game for the PSP can your sim get Pregnant?

You can get your sim pregnant in Sims 2 Apartment Life and Sims 2 Double Deluxe.

Can a sim get pregnant by woohoo on sims2?

No, they can only get pregnant with "try for baby".

On mac how do you know if a sim is pregnant?

Tell the sim to relax with his or her lover on a double bed and if you don't get the option try for baby, but you get woohoo then she is pregnant. Plus you hear like a baby song after trying for baby. If you hear it it means the sim is pregnant.