Why won't your Pokemon obey you?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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If your Pokemon won't obey you, you don't have enough gym badges... Each gym badge only allows your Pokemon to obey you up to a certain level. After that your Pokemon will stop listening to you until you get more gym badges..

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Q: Why won't your Pokemon obey you?
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Why wont the Pokemon you traded in Pokemon Diamond obey your commands?

Badges allow Pokemon obey to a certain level. Once you get all badges, any traded Pokemon will obey at any level.

Why wont my lv 32 ponyta obey me that i traded from Pokemon diamond to Pokemon platinum?

You dont have enough gym badges.

What is the code for all Pokemon to obey you in Pokemon white?

its the code for the 8 gym badges that will do this but in a great cost: events that evolve beating a gym leader wont activate so you wont be able to get past some points in the game :(

Can you trade from heart gold to black and white at the beginning of the game?

no but first you need more then six Pokemon then you can trade but they wont obey you

In Pokemon emerald what badge lets Pokemon obey you?

These are the Gym Badges that make your Pokemon obey:Knuckle Badge: Pokemon up to level 30 obey you.Heat Badge: Pokemon up to level 50 obey you.Feather Badge: Pokemon up to level 70 obey you.Rain Badge: All Pokemon regardless of their level will obey you.

How do you get strong Pokémon at the start of Pokémon gold?

Trade with someone i guess. But that Pokemon wont obey u often so u really cant

How do you make pokemon obey?

Once you beat a gym leader you can get a certain level of pokemon to obey you.

Is kazza bad?

no, but sometimes he wont obey to you

Can Pokemon obey you from trades?

It depends in which Pokemon game, but in the newest games (Diamond/Pearl) You will need to earn badges to get a higher level for them to obey. if you have all 8, all Pokemon will obey you.

How do you get all Pokemon to obey you in Pokemon Leaf Green?

Simply beat Giovanni in Viridian City and get the Earthbadge: it makes all Pokemon obey you.ORAll Pokemon obey you, the badges are for Pokemon traded from other games.

Can you trade jirachi to soul silver before you beat it?

you can just go to a Pokemon center and trade but it wont obey you well until you beat the last gym

How to handle a puritan wife who won't obey?

how did puritans handle or punish a wife who wont obey?