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It means you need to change the batteries. If it's blinking, it might also mean that you're pressing buttons when you shouldn't be, or that they won't do anything if you press them.

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Q: Why won't guitar hero wireless guitar light stop blinking?
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Is the Guitar Hero 2 controller wireless?

No, you can use the guitar hero 3 controller, which is wireless, for guitar hero two

Is the Guitar Hero guitar wireless?

it depends if you get it wireless

Will the wireless guitar from Guitar Hero 4 work on Guitar Hero 3?

Yes they will work

Can you use Guitar Hero 3 wireless guitar for PS2 for Guitar Hero 2?

yes you can i have all three of them and they all work with the wireless guitar (thank god)

How do you get the wireless guitar work for guitar hero on the ps2?

By plugging in the wireless dongle to the controller port.

Can you use PS2 wireless guitar that came with Guitar Hero 3 for guitar hero 2 game?


Will a rock band wireless guitar work with any Guitar Hero game?

No, but in Guitar Hero 5 it works!

Will the wireless guitar for the wii from guitar hero 4 work on Guitar Hero 3 for the wii?

Yes, It should.

How do you turn xbox 360 guitar controller on for guitar hero it just keeps blinking?

This could be for one of two reasons. 1. The guitar is not synced so you might need to sync it. 2. If the guitar is synced, the batteries are about dead and need to be replaced.

Can you use PS2 wireless guitar that came with band hero for Guitar Hero 2?


Can you use a Guitar Hero World tour wireless guitar on rock band games?

not the wireless guitar but if it was wired than you can

Will Guitar Hero 3 wireless guitar work for a wireless adapter for Guitar Hero world tour?

Yes, all the guitar hero controllers (GH 3-6) will work, so you can use a GH 6 guitar on GH 4. ect.