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I know about this game. Is it Pc or Console? If its Pc it probably has a bug. If its console, Its not finished or has a bug. Try redownloading it, and tell me what you get in the comments.

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Q: Why won't Destiny 2 beta download?
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There is no Ninja Destiny 2

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just search download blablabla

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You can download it for free only from piratebay

Where can you download Club Penguin trainer 2 beta?

Can you download Starcraft 2 without the disc?

Yes, but so far, you can only download they Starcraft 2 Beta version.

How do you download dota 2 beta key?

Just try to download Dota 2 Game from blogs, see the related links below to download. EnjoYyYyY!!!

What website can you download red orchestra 2 beta for free?

Legally, nowhere.

Is littlebigplanet 2 beta for download without virus?

Beta are for testing before a game is released and little big planet 2 was released in January 2011 and would not have a beta still available. Who knows what you would be downloading

Who has the Killzone 2 BETA?

There is going to be an open Killzone 2 Beta soon. Be sure to download the multiplayer-theme from PSN and install it before October 23, this automatically ads your PSN account to the list where BETA contestants are being picked from.

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You download the Beta. it's totally legal! :D

Is there such thing as a working non buggy version of the half life 2 beta and if there is where can i download it?

No. The best thing to do is to buy Garrys mod and get the addons that contain the beta fetures.

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Well it relly depends what you want.If you want beta 2, you can download it on some website just Google it.If you want the actual game however, you will have to buy it.