Why was the Xbox 360 made?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Probably due to the success of the Xbox and Microsoft's thirst for money.

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Q: Why was the Xbox 360 made?
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Is the Xbox 360 made by Microsoft?

Yes, Xbox 360 is made by Microsft.

Who made up Xbox 360's?

Microsoft made up the Xbox 360.

Was the game crackdown made for Xbox?

No, but it was made for the xbox 360.

When was the Xbox 360 made?

the Xbox 360 was released 2005 on November 22,2005

Can you connect the Kinect to the regular xbox 360?

Yes, it was made for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox S system.

Does Xbox 360 controllers work on the Xbox?

No because the Xbox 360 was made after the Xbox so the electronic's aren't the same. :/

Is the game Littlebigplanet for Xbox 360 at blockbuster?

No the game is not sold or made for the Xbox 360

What is the Xbox 360 used for?

The xbox 360 is made for to play with other people online

What consols have Microsoft made?

Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One

Where are Xbox 360 made?

There are many factories around the world which makes the Xbox 360.

Who makes the Xbox 360 and where is it made?

Xbox 360 is owned by micro soft Same as pc

Why is splinter cell conviction only for xbox 360?

because xbox 360 is made by Microsoft and so is the game so the game is copyrighted for xbox 360