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red is 2 , orange is for three zeroes, gold is the tolerance which is 5per cent, first two colours are the numerical value , the next is the number of zeros (3zeros)

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Q: Why red red orange gold become 22000 ohms?
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Related questions

Is the resistance value of the resistor 22000 ohms 22 megohm resistor?

22Kiloohm is 22,000 ohms 22megohm is 22,000,000 ohms Kilo is a thousand meg/mega is a million

The value of the resistors orange orange orange silver?

1100 ohms, +/-5%

Resistor color coded orangeorange and brown has a resistance value of?

Orange, orange, brown is 330 ohms.

Can you calculate hertz to ohms?

No, they are different things. This would be like calculating an apple into an orange.

How many ohms on a 1999 Yamaha banshee coil?

Primary (Black and Orange wires) 0.28 to 0.38 Ohms (almost a short). Secondary (Spark plug wire to spark plug wire) 4700 to 7100 Ohms.

What is the value resistor brown black orange?

Brown (1) - black (0) - orange (4 more 0's) - 10,000 ohms.

What is the value of Gold of a resistor?

red = 2violet = 7silver = 0.01gold = 5%The value is 27 * 0.01 ohms 5% or 0.27 ohms 5%

What is the value of a resistor color coded red-violet-silver-gold?

Yellow is 4, Violet is 7, Violet is 7, Gold is 5% tolerence. 470,000,000 Ohms.

What is the resistance of a resistor color code black orange orange?

The resistor has a resistance of 30 kΩ with a tolerance of ±5%.

What is the colour code for a 100kilo ohms resistor?

Brown Black Brown, Gold

A resistor is said to have a resistance of 82105 ohms and a tolerance of 5 percent. What coloured bands should it have?

A 5 percent tolerance resistor would only have two significant digits in its stated value, so we are talking about 82000 ohms plus or minus 5%. The coloured bands would be grey (8), red (2), orange (times 1000), and gold (5%).

Is it red red red or red red orange color band markings on a 2.2k ohms resistor?

Its red red red