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According to the research on the internet, the world ranked 3d artist are mostly male 3d artist. First of all, 3D is heavy workload field compare to the other design fields. Unlike the other design fields, 3D artist is divided into different profession which is profession is 3D modelling, profession in 3D texturing, Profession is 3D animation, Profession in 3D rigging, Profession in 3D lighting, so on and so forth. Each of the profession above require a lot of patience and energy to sit in front of the computer for few hours, or even few sleepless days and nights just to complete certain area of the 3d work.

I do not denied that there are no female 3D artist, but mostly females do not like to work over night since females will be more concern on their health than males. Besides that, Females do note have as much patience as compare to male. According to a reach on patient level between genders, male seems to have more patient than female.

Patrik Gränsmark: " Yes, and the findings are really exiting! When analyzing gender differences among expert chess players, I found that male players play significantly shorter games than their female peers, about 1 to 2 moves shorter. Two female players play about 2 to 3 moves longer games than two male players with similar Elo rating. Women, in turn, perform worse at the 40th move time control compared to men. "

As a conclusion, male 3D artist are more than female artist is because of their inwardness. Men can handle heavy workload jobs and work but not women; Men have

the patient to work from day to night and even scarify their rest time focusing on their work but most women have not.

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Q: Why male 3D artist more than female 3D artist?
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