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The saves folder is in a hidden folder in application data called .minecraft. The directory to the folder is: My documents/Application Data/.minecraft. There is a folder in .minecraft called saves which contains your saved worlds. If this folder does not exist, then perhaps you have not yet played any worlds on that computer or somebody has deleted the folder.

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Q: Why isn't there a saves folder in my minecraft folder?
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How do I play a map on minecraft after I download it?

Go to the minecraft folder in your files, press saves, and drag the map into the saves folder.

How do you move old worlds on new Minecraft PC?

Simply drag you old world maps from your old "saves" folder to the new "saves" folder. Application Support/ minecraft (or .minecraft for Windows) /Saves.

How do you download a adventure map in Minecraft?

first download minecraft go to run and type in then click on .minecraft go into saves and place the folder of the adv map into the saves folder. Have fun!

Why isn't there a new world folder in my minecraft saves folder?

Cause you have no worlds.

How do you download The Dropper on minecraft?

Place the world in your minecraft bin's saves folder.

How do you get skyblock on minecraft for mac?

just dowload the skybock it should come in a .rar or .zip folder and go to your finder and go to libery aplicion support an to minecraft folder and click on the saves folder and drag th skyblock folder into the saves folder

Why does an error pop up in minecraft before it starts every time?

There is probably something wrong with the minecraft folder. If the error message prevents you from playing, you should move your saves folder to another location and delete the minecraft folder. Then open up minecraft and it will make a new folder. Then put your saves in the new folder, and it should work.

How do you download maps in Minecraft?

find one for example on planetminecraft then download it and navigate to your .minecraft folder found by typing %appdata% in the search bar in your folder window. there will be a folder called saves take the the world out of the zipped/rared folder and put it in the saves folder.

Can you play Minecraft on Cloud browser?

No because minecraft saves in the appdata folder which the iPod does not have.

How do you backup your world in Minecraft?

Find the world in your 'saves' folder (which is in your minecraft folder) and copy it to another location, like Documents or Desktop.

How do you upload a Minecraft world to a CD?

you need to go to your .minecraft folder then go to your saves folder then find your world and burn that onto a cd

Can a MinecraftSP world file be transferred to a Paid Account?

Yes, you can put Minecraft Sp maps in to paid minecraft. go to your minecraft folder, then go to saves, then copy to ur desktop then install paid minecraft then put in folder called saves n new minecraft