Why is xbox-360 better than PS3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The PS3 and the XBOX360 are both amazing computer entertainment systems in their own right. Both offer an immense catalog of games in many different genres that appeal to many different individuals. It is impossible to say that one system is better than the other without expressing some sort of bias. Both systems excel in different areas. The XBOX360 offers an amazing online service (XBOX Live) while the PS3 is offers compatibility with the PSP and motion sensing technology. Both systems have their own shortcomings though. The XBOX360 has been plagued by numerous technical difficulties (I myself have had four XBOX360's break on me), whereas the PS3 has a much smaller failure rate. Many developers have stated that they have found it difficult to develop for the PS3's Cell Processor, which has led many games available on both the XBOX360 and PS3 to perform better and display better graphics on the XBOX360 (Examples include Bayonetta, Fallout 3, and Batman: Arkham Asylum.)

In order to determine which system is better for you, one must simply decide which system offers you more of what you want.

I just have to say Ps3 is much better, free online play unlike xbox360 better graphics no breakdowns blueray and much more it is newer better but more expesive. But xbox360 eventually is more expensive if you are intending to play online for like 5 months.

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Answer below has lots of bias! Ps3 has way more and better games, way better graphics and quality, and free online!

Xbox360 is alot better because it has better graffics, cooler games, better quality for (swinging swords for example), and the system just looks cooler.

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Before the PS4 annd Xbox One were released you might have had the best system the developers had to offer. Now you are never going to have the best system from those choices.

The most important thing is than neither system will play against the other and if you already know someone you want to play you will have to get their system even if you learn it is not better. Your only other choice is to get both. They are already invested in games and accessories which soon total more than the cost of a console and are unlikely to switch. The same applies ifyou want a console exclusive game titles. They all have them, but the most popular games are the multi console releases and they are also the top selling game series.

The second thing is that if you want to know what system is better you have to start with the best of the systems. That means PS3 320 GB or 500 GB with the Move Bundle and Playstation Plus against the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle or similar full system, but also with at least a 320 GB harddrive. Because if you are not purchasing one of the top systems you are already not getting the better system. This Xbox 360 system does not have a 500 GB harddrive and until then the PS3 does not have a system to compare it to equally.

The PS3 systems have larger harddrives and lower prices and the free Playstation Plus instant game collection. For a 500 GB Red PS3 God of War Spacial Edition with a series of games and a month Playstation Plus its $350. The classic White bundle is only $299 and comes with a year of Playstation Plus and has a 500 GB harddrive. The 500 GB will hold over 100 games of assorted sizes and work well with the PS Vita. The Xbox 360 does not have a portable and if you want a system that works with your portable you have to get the PS3. The PS3 can store games and back up the memory cards for the PS Vita on it's harddrive and also has many other benefits of having the combination.

The third thing is that your PS3 or Xbox 360 is a device that is played on your HDTV if you do not have one you do not have the better system. My HDTV is a Sony BR6 52 inch LCD and there are a number or newer and better HDTVs out there even if I limit it to the Sony Brand and they include the 3D HDTVs and the LED LCD HDTVs and both models would make the Game Console have a better picture on the screen than my HDTV besides being able to Play in 3D. I recently added a Home Theater and I knew that the sound was better the first time the PS3 was tuned on with a Home Theater. It sold on amazon for close to the cost of the Limited Edition Xbox 360. My system would be better if I gave myself the Xbox 360 for the new year and I have a PS3, because they are not exclusive having both is better.

The fourth thing is that the systems were designed to be connected to the internet with a great high speed internet connection and you can not have a better system if you are not connected to the internet or you have jury rigged some less than perfect internet connection.

ok. so there is a big clan war going on about the ps3, wii, and xbox 360. YOU CANNOT DECIDE WHICH IS BETTER BASED ON YOUR OPINION OR WHAT YOU HAVE it HAS to be based on facts. that's all. No it's based on the total system that you will have and the system that you compare it to. Both the Wii U and PS4 are new more technologically advanced systems and are to be considered better than the models they are replacing because the companies producing them have stated it.

Wii- Active games, first person shooter, classic retro games, ANY type there is.

PS3-mostly Racing games and war games. PS 3 also has Playstation Home and Playstation Plus both with free games

xbox360-mostly racing games and shooter games. Wrong all system have so many games that game titles of exclusive console products are only a marketing ploy to attempt retention of existing customers They only really matter to those who already play them.

Fact PS3 has more than enough game titles and categories to meet the market and even has 165 different PS3 Move titles

xbox360- Best Graphics is a myth

Wii- Worst graphics (but they are still pretty decent) That is because the Wii has less power and can not run the graphics that a Wii U can

PS3- 1080 pixels-pretty close to box 360, but not exactly. This is not a fact The fact is the PS3 and the Xbox 360 need to have better HDTVs to meet there graphic capability and the game designers often do not use the consoles full capability. The quality of your HDTV is much more important in what you see on the screen . Individuals will notice better results with both systems if they have one of the new 4k HDTVs that have technology to upgrade the picture to their level of capability

xbox360- Only plays games, movies (not hd movies)

ps3- Games blu ray burnt CD's movies, DVD's- plays all. (hd movies)

wii- only plays games.

xbox360-makes a HUGE racket while its on.

ps3-most quiet.

wii-almost in the middle, not constant but once in a while makes a loud noise.

ps3- Free online play and has Playstation Plus with an instant game library

wii-Free online play

xbox360-HAVE to pay for xbox live, which is so stupid.

Outdated Information about older systemswii-NEVER get yellow light of death/red ring of doom... EVER. never melts/scratches your discs

xbox360-GETS red ring of doom, scratches then melts your discs.

ps3-yellow light of death, doesnt scratch or melt your discs.

Playstation 3 with Playstation Plus and a large harddrive is much better than using game discs. They only take forever to load become scratched and are rarely worth the trouble of trading them in. Sometimes the game you traded in is upgraded with new DLCs and you got so little trade in value. The storage of all the Game Discs take up space and you can not load as fast as clicking the game on your console. When you want to change Game Discs you have to get up remove the old game and put it in the case then get the new game and load it.

Playstation Vita working with the Playstation 3 is a better combo than anything the Xbox 360 can offer because they lack a portable to go with there console

No the Wii is the worst of the 3 consoles and that's why they made the Wii UWell there you have it, based on TRUE FACTS, not opinion but you may say, "how the heck does wii beat Xbox 360" well xbox is known ONLY AND I MEAN ONLY for its graphics... that's all. so there is the true winner... ps3 in first place, wii in second, xbox360 in third.

It was not even part of the question whether the Wii was better it is not in the ballpark with the other 2 systems and belongs with the PS2. The Wii U belongs with the Xbox 360 and PS3, but they are releasing the PS4 so Nintendo is again behind

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Q: Why is xbox-360 better than PS3?
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