Why is there no world of starcraft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If Blizzard did make world of Starcraft there would hardly be a difference between World of Warcraft and World Of Starcraft since Starcraft and Warcraft are very similar games. so there is really no point of making it.

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Q: Why is there no world of starcraft?
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What would win Starcraft or World of Warcraft?

world of warcraft

What is the best team in Starcraft?

The biggest starcraft playing country in the world is South Korea. They had many champions in competitions, but the most famous guy and known to be have been the best in starcraft played with 'Terran'

What does the person called Grubby have to do with StarCraft?

Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen is one of many professional StarCraft players, who started his career playing WarCraft III. He is placed 39th in the StarCraft II World Championship Series.

What should you play Ruse World of Warcraft or Counterstrike?


Who invented Starcraft 2?

I can't tell you WHO specifically invented/came up with Starcraft II, but it was designed and produced by Blizzard (Diablo, World of Warcraft etc.). The Lead Designer behind Starcraft II was Dustin Browder.

Who is the best protoss Starcraft 2 player in the world?

There is none, it varies.

Who craeted World of Warcraft?

Blizzard Entertainment (who are also responsible for Starcraft & Diablo)

When did StarCraft happen?

StarCraft happened in 1998.

How do you make a map in Starcraft 2?

starcraft 2 map creator, it should comw with starcraft 2

Which company developed StarCraft video game?

StarCraft is one of the first and one of the most played Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games of all Time. A Company called Blizzard which is known for other hits such as World of Warcraft and Diablo also makes StarCraft.

How do you get Starcraft free?

First off, you can play Starcraft by downloading the torrents. If you have a friend who has Starcraft, upload his number then you can download free, legal copies of Starcraft (10 spawns from a single CD).

Can you still get Starcraft Offline?

Starcraft II can be played offline.